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Protect Your Oral Healthwith a Tooth Extraction

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If you or a loved one needs to have a tooth pulled, you want it to heal as fast as possible so that you can get back to your daily activities. If your teenager must have wisdom teeth pulled, you don’t want to see them suffer. Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy with Advanced Dental Wellness Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida uses the most up-to-date dental technology to make healing from tooth extraction much quicker through the use of platelet-rich plasma. The plasma jumpstarts tissue repair and helps prevent infection. Call or book an appointment with Dr. Lipovetskiy today for the most advanced tooth extraction technology.

Extractions Q & A

Advanced Dental Wellness Center

As a member of IAOMT, we care about our patients, and provide mercury-free, compassionate dental care. We also offer ozone dental therapy, as well as Invisalign’s clear, chemical and metal free braces.

We use biocompatible dental materials whenever possible, along with modern technology and 29 years of dental experience. Our biocompatible, metal-free Zirconia implants are non corrosive, aesthetically appealing, and tissue friendly.

We are a health-orientated dental office with a spa-like atmosphere, affording an all natural way to relax during your dental visit.

How does platelet-rich plasma make recovery from a tooth extraction easier?

When you are facing oral surgery, you likely have two primary concerns: discomfort during the procedure and recovery after it’s over. Dr. Lipovetskiy uses your own blood to make a completely natural substance called platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which he injects at the site of the tooth extraction at the end of the procedure. It’s scientifically proven to promote faster healing.

A technician draws a small amount of your blood during a pre-surgery lab visit. The lab treats the blood by creating a high concentration of blood platelets. That blood contains 5-10 times the number of cells with rich protein than your normal blood.

While you are healing, your body sends cells to the site of the wound to help heal it. The PRP jumpstarts the growth of new tissue, helps repair wounds, and lowers the risk of infection.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, call Dr. Lipovetskiy’s Ft. Lauderdale office. He strives to schedule same-day treatment during business hours, is available for a telephone consultation after hours, and can call a prescription into your pharmacy for pain management.

If you have any of the following conditions, you need to seek dental treatment right away. Here’s what you can do before you can get to our office:

Toothache or abscess

Swish with a warm saltwater solution. Apply an ice pack to soothe facial swelling. Rub an ice cube between your thumb and forefinger, on the same side as your toothache, until the area becomes numb. It interrupts pain signals to the brain.

Chipped or broken tooth

Rinse with warm water, and take a non-aspirin, over-the-counter pain reliever, if needed. Put a cool compress on your cheek if there is swelling.

Dislodged tooth

A dislodged tooth is loose but remains attached to some degree. Try to return the tooth to its proper position, and bite down gently to keep it stabilized until you reach our office.

Knocked out tooth

Time is of the essence. Hold the tooth by the crown (not the roots) and rinse it gently; do not scrub. If possible, replace the tooth into the socket, and bite down gently. If that isn’t possible, keep the tooth in milk or a saline solution as you come to the dental office. The goal is to keep the tooth hydrated.

Don’t Wait for Treatment

If you are experiencing tooth pain or have been told you need an extraction, contact our office online or call (954) 525-5662 to schedule an appointment right away.

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